1897 c/o Alanna McArdle

“Electrons are identical particles because they cannot be distinguished from each other by their intrinsic physical properties. In quantum mechanics, this means that a pair of interacting electrons must be able to swap positions without an observable change to the state of the system.”
– Wikipedia

“A species survives in the form of a girl asking sweetly.
Nevertheless, survival of the species as a whole has meaning.
Each girl is transitory.”
– "Four Year Old Girl", Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

When you think about
the sky as solid
everything really
starts to come together

it doesn’t come to me
quite how it used to—
more like a dream scene now

than me standing
in this real car park
in these very feet

When I am bundled up
like the breast of a tiara
all my intricacies
unable to loose themselves into the world

I look at your stardust
and decide it’s too cheesy
to say. My vocal fry
too alike the interminable television

Deep down, some scientist
says, we are all the same
He sounds like he only
read the headline

If it were true
we would not be glancing
at every shimmering surface
to make sure we are even
there at all

When you stop thinking
just how little that you personally know
of what bumps into itself
to absent-mindedly create

the mass that almost always
makes an us or you or me
and pretend the nail and hammer
holding up the moon

are as soft as thumbs
then the ending
seems far easier


we’ll just tear the old off-milk
set down and
make way for